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Advantages With AIM

When choosing a lead source, it’s important to understand the differences among them and to select one based on sound business ethics and true advantages available to you, the buyer.  AIM has been in the business for 20 years and prides itself on bringing the highest possible quality, reliability and service to all whom it serves.


The information that you receive from AIM is highly "processed" data and not "raw" data. Many companies sell information (leads) that are simply names and addresses, but AIM presents complete intelligence on only those companies with plans to relocate. Additionally, many services provide information that is common or "public knowledge" that is available to as many people or companies that request it and are willing to pay for it. AIM restricts its distribution.

Services such as those that provide information on lease expirations are very costly and effective only IF the business is moving. You still have to do the prospecting to find out if a move is in their future. With AIM, all of that work is already done for you at a fraction of the cost.


Dollar for dollar, AIM remains the most cost-effective means for obtaining new business.




  • You receive confirmed office moving leads with companies in your market that need your services in the near future and will select someone within your industry and within your backyard.

  • Complete information is provided for you. You can immediately make contact with decision-makers, set appointments and earn new business while eliminating general prospecting efforts.

  • You experience a steady flow of office moving leads that allows you to plan accordingly and utilize your sales organization to its fullest. Slow periods are eliminated because your subscription ensures a steady flow of new business opportunities.

  • Your sales organization becomes much more productive. Your people spend more time selling and not cold-calling. We provide the exact information that you need to hit the road, fully informed.

  • You receive a complete program for new business development that is well defined and easy to use; a new way to find new customers - the biggest challenge for any business.

  • You may reduce or eliminate the need for in-house telemarketing activities. Use our data directly with your sales force. These are not warm suspects, they are hot prospects, ready to be sold.

  • The overall cost of finding new customers is reduced; a challenging process, at best. We deliver everything that you need to your door and the flow is ongoing and provides an unending supply.

  • Our program helps the sales professional achieve his or her goals as they meet and exceed the expectations set by your company. Growth is redefined with this process.


  • Larger head-count
    AIM provides the highest head-counts in the industry. We consistently average 30-50 employees in our listings.

  • Targeted Industries
    We carefully select only those industries that are professional in nature and have the budgets to support their moves. This target listing of approximately 250 industry codes (SIC's) is updated every quarter to ensure that you receive only the best selling opportunities.

  • No Contract or long-term agreement
    We do not force you to buy more than you want. A variety of subscription alternatives are available to you so that you may choose the purchase option with which you are most comfortable.

  • Pricing Stability
    We do not manipulate our pricing based on who you are and what we think we can get for our product. We don’t create special deals and make it up on volume and surprise you with a different price when you want to renew. We establish a fair value for our service and keep it there so that you can plan accordingly.

  • Pricing Consistency
    We do not discriminate on pricing. Every customer can be confident that they are getting the same value and pricing as their peers.

  • Scheduled Delivery
    We openly publish our delivery schedule at least one year in advance. We reliably ship to you when we say we will. There are no surprises or disappointments because of missed shipping dates.  
    Simply request a copy from us..

  • Written Guarantee
    We put our promise to you in writing and back it up with service. We are passionate about quality and want you to feel confident that you are getting the best product out there.
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  • Complimentary Sales Training/Consulting
    We will work with you and your sales personnel via webinar, phone conference or one-on-one to ensure that you are using the latest proven techniques for success. We will always be available to assist you with training of your new and existing sales personnel.

  • Honest & Ethical Business Practices
    We do not trade or hide behind other company names. We are who we are and engage in an open, honest and responsive business relationship with you.

  • Free Leads
    Those leads that may be too small or too soon for normal planning horizons are given to you at no charge. Our competition charges you for them.

  • Free Nurturing Program
    AIM provides an unlimited supply of raw leads to help you free of charge. These leads help you develop new business based on the selection criteria that you specify.

  • Flexible Subscription Options
    We offer flexible alternatives that allow you to subscribe at the level most comfortable for you. You always have the right of first acceptance on renewals.

  • Limited Distribution
    We sell to a limited number of companies in your area and in your specific industry. This restricted distribution means that the leads you buy will maintain a high value for you.

  • Commitment to Quality
    We will never compromise!! We bring the best product to you as we practice Six Sigma initiatives throughout our company.

  • Dedicated Sales Team
    A "personal Banker" is assigned to you to learn about your business and your needs. Our goal is to establish a responsive business relationship with you by getting to know you better.

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