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Executive Summary - Lead Nurturing

One of the most dramatic impacts upon New Business Development in recent time is the increasing use of a formal program for nurturing leads.


While we all truly enjoy the immediate gratification that comes from writing business on the spot when a sales-ready opportunity or lead is presented to us, many overlook the tremendous potential that exists when we also establish a lead nurturing program for key businesses in your marketplace.


 What is it?


It’s nothing more than knowing your marketplace, the key employers within that market and placing and keeping your company’s name and your name in the forefront of their minds….even though there is no need for your product or service at the present time.


The key to a successful program is to provide valuable information to your target on a regular basis so that they become informed and educated through the realm of your expertise. If you are faithful to the concept of regular “touches”, you will be perceived by your target as an important  resource and a trusted advisor. You will earn credibility and you will also become the first person whom they call when a need does arise.

Lead nurturing is all about having consistent and meaningful dialog with viable prospects, regardless of what their timing is as it relates to their buying behavior.


What should you do?


Always avoid a high-pressure, time-is-of-the-essence approach. Instead, embrace more of a low-key approach and a customer-driven tact and attitude that focuses on your target. Translate how your expertise and how your company’s abilities can help them. You need to create a benefit statement for your target. It should be about them and not about you.


Subtlety revealed… this one-page is not about AIM. It’s about helping YOU develop a system for bringing in new business that really works.


During the nurturing process, you don’t sell, you don’t make pitches.  Instead, you provide insights and solutions. Do that thoroughly and do it well and you will find that new business will come your way as a result.


It may be something as simple as an occasional mail piece or company brochure that summarizes what your company does. Often, a company newsletter can be used as well if it contains general information that is helpful to all types of businesses. Some companies share industry-specific news articles that summarize breaks-through in technology or service capabilities. Information on new products and value-added services are always received very well. 

Also, take the time to enter your nurturing leads into your CRM system so that you can better manage the process.


Then, communicate with the target and build a relationship and a trust factor through special mailings, targeted messaging, the sharing of success stories and other meaningful “touches” that enable you to “earn” a position of affiliation, trust and credibility.

Do you know all of the key employers in your marketplace?

Many business leaders are very active within the community and consequently know many of the key players. Networking is a very powerful tool, but you can’t touch ALL of those bases as thoroughly as you may prefer through simple networking alone. It’s simply a huge task that can’t be performed thoroughly and easily.


That’s where the Nurturing “touch” comes into play. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business occur every day simply because someone like you took the time to build a base for your future. Lead nurturing is here to stay!


Are you ready to get started?

We’re here to help you begin your exciting journey.


AIM is pleased to provide an unlimited number of “raw” leads to our customers -  totally free of charge. They will be records that are extracted from our national database based upon the specific criteria that you select. Raw leads will be available for the full term of your subscription to our core listings.


Simply decide on what you would like to have based on a number of fields within each record. Fields that are available for consideration include:

Company Address City State
Zip Code Phone No. Fax No. Contact
Contact Title No. Employees S I C Industry

It is important to remember that these records are raw and unprocessed by AIM. They have not been verified for accuracy and may not include all businesses in every marketplace.

They are made available to you from a central database of businesses throughout the U.S. and represent an excellent opportunity for you to begin a nurturing program.

Guide for Nurturing Data

To ensure that you receive meaningful and very targeted data for your nurturing program, we offer the following suggestions:

Geography - Decide on what specific geographic areas you would like to receive. This can include any combination of criteria selected from the above table.

Employee size – Focusing on company size by number of employees is a meaningful criterion. Some may prefer very large corporations while others may prefer smaller, more manageable sized companies. You can select:

An absolute - e.g., 50 employees
Defined Range - 50 to 250 employees (50-250)
Threshold Range - Everything greater than 100 employees

Type of Business or Businesses – Your target can be something very specific, e.g., all of a certain type of business or specific industry code (SIC) or it can be very general in nature to exclude certain types of businesses. Some examples of targeted company types would be:

· All Advertising Agencies
 All Governmental Offices
 All Real Estate Companies
 All Attorneys
 Everything except Retail, Manufacturing,
  Religious and Recreation
 SIC 872100 (Accounting & Bookkeeping)

We recommend that you proceed conservatively. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. After all, there are approximately 25 million businesses in the U.S. and you should focus upon those that truly meet your appetite for preferred business.

Here are some examples of reasonable and logical specifications:

• All Medical Clinics in Orange County, California with an employee size of 50 or more.
• All Businesses in Area Code 212 except Retail with 100 or more employees.
• All governmental offices in Sacramento, California.
• All Educational Institutions in the state of Rhode Island
• All doctors and lawyers in zip code 06051.
• All SIC 872100 in the city of St. Louis

Remember, you can ALWAYS come back for more!


Give us a call at 410.420.2201 to place your order for your FREE Nurturing Leads.
(Must be a subscriber to AIM Business Leads)

Good Luck & Good Nurturing!

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