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We provide highly processed information regarding companies that plan a local move in your area within the next 2-14 months. Our summary listing is published regularly with all-new companies to ensure a steady flow of new sales opportunities for you. Our research data is available in 36 key U.S. markets and is available to only a limited number of local businesses in your industry.

Our product is developed by means of direct and systematic  contact with thousands of companies in your local market. We perform a "blitz" to gather the information in only a day or two so that our listing is always fresh and very current. We interview these companies and assemble all of the relevant information that you will need to actively pursue new sales for your company.

All of the information that we gather is confirmed independently by a team of specialists to ensure accuracy. This confirmation process includes every field of information contained in each record.

Features of our listings:

■ Each listing contains 125 different companies that are moving and are in need of your services. Our Office Moving Leads are classified as "A" leads and "Free" leads. The core listing contains 100 "A" leads and 25 "Free" leads.

■ Leads are sent to you via email and are presented in two formats; an Excel file, ready for importation into your CRM system and a Word document that can be used for printing hard-copies, if needed.

■ Each record is structured with logical fields that will enable you to create customized mailings to your target. Many customers create a "mail-merged", personal letter that accompanies their company's brochure. The record layout is as follows:

Company: Belucas & Associates
Salutation: Mr.
First Name: Richard
Last Name: Connors
Title: V.P. Administration
Phone: 415-555-4800
Fax: 415-555-4900
Address: 115 Broadway
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Zip Code: 12345
Move Date (mm/yy): mm/yy
No. of Employees: 65
No. of PC's: 53
Type of Company: Financial Planning
Telephone System: Executone IDS-108
Email Address: rc@belucas.com
Web Site: www.belucas.com
Lead Rating: A

■ Listings are sold on a Subscription basis. We offer this subscription flexibility to you so that you may purchase our listings in a manner most comfortable to you. The longer the term of the subscription, the deeper the discount.  There is no contract or long-term commitment required on your part. Our subscription offerings are:

1 Issue 2 Issues 4 Issues 6 Issues

Note: All subscribers receive the right of first renewal when the subscription is completed.

■ In order to ensure delivery reliability and timeliness, we use Federal Express exclusively as our delivering carrier.

■ As a convenience to our customers, we will "email" our listings to you on all orders that have been prepaid. For COD orders, we will also "email" to you and follow through with a physical COD package via Federal Express.

■ Our Payment terms are - Prepaid, upon receipt of invoice or COD at delivery time with a company check. In order to maintain our pricing structure, we do not provide extended credit on purchases.


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