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Office Moving Leads from AIM are proven to be the single most cost-effective means for obtaining new customers and new business. Unlike other lead sources such as tip clubs, local networking groups and other lead companies, AIM’s restricted distribution places extremely valuable information into the hands of just a few companies in each market. The intent of this document is to create reasonable expectations for you and to serve as a guide as you pursue new customers using this resource.

“Our Research Data does NOT set appointments for you - You Must Do It"

This entire process is about "Getting the appointment". That is your #1 goal in life - to get in front of the decision-maker so that you may begin the selling process for your company. There are better ways to do this and we will review some of them here.

Typically, no one wants to shake the bushes and trees through "cold-calling" efforts. Understandably, we would all prefer to simply focus on the "sizzle" and close the deal. Although our research data does not guarantee a "slam-dunk" for new business, it does place you in a very unique position to earn it. Your sales personnel are much more productive using this research data because:

■  You know what businesses are moving.
■  You know when (approximately) they are moving.
■  You know who the decision-maker is for the upcoming event.
■  You are in front of the event to coincide with the planning process.

That's where you and your talented sales personnel jump in to show them why you should be their vendor of choice in future events. The approach that you take can and will make all the difference in the world when it comes to actual results.

Part-time Sex Sells!!

If you use inside personnel to set appointments for your sales people, part-time callers work better because burn out is extremely high for full-time calling efforts. At the same time, whether it's an inside appointment setter for sales or your sales person him/herself, greater success will be realized if you have a male call female contacts and have females call male contacts. It truly makes a difference in setting appointments. That’s just the way it is! Think about it.....this really works!

Making the Call

■ Firstly, when calling a target for the first time, DO NOT mention their move. If you ask if the target is moving, chances are that they will say "No" because it sounds too much like a survey OR they already have received a number of calls about their move and it's simply easier to say "No" rather than endure another sales call.

■ Your number one purpose in life is to get an appointment. Simply state – Who you are, the name of your company and what your company is known for – specializing in (specific service) for small to medium sized businesses.

■ Request the “courtesy” of a few moments of their time at the target’s convenience – at any time, before hours, during hours or after hours, whatever works best for the target. State that you believe that you can provide significant savings to the target if a change is planned in their future. Offer the target something for “free” - an in-house evaluation, a no-obligation proposal, a planning kit or the equivalent.

Supplement the Calling Process

If the target refuses to meet with you, request permission to mail something (your company brochure) that would be helpful to them. Almost everyone will say, "OK, send it". Be sure to hand write the envelope and mark it “personal” to the target. This is very important and will ensure that your target will see your mail piece.

There are several advantages to using this supplemental approach:

             ■  A mail piece is a non-invasive, friendly approach to communications.
             ■  The target is certain to review it if you have marked it "personal".
             ■  The target can review it at his/her convenience, not yours.
             ■  The mail piece says what you may not be given the time to say on the phone.
             ■  It keeps on repeating itself in your absence.
             ■  Finally, you now have a reason to perform your first follow-up.

Other Considerations

Today’s technology makes it more challenging to make contact with people. With caller ID, voice mail and gatekeepers dressed in armor, you have to work smarter to get through. Consider these approaches:

1. Make the gatekeeper feel important. An extremely warm approach that elevates the gatekeeper to a position of importance can go a long way. For example, if told that the target is not in, try responding, "you didn’t give him the day off did you?" This always gets a chuckle and a warmer attitude toward you and your efforts to get through.

2. Enlist the gatekeeper’s help. Be honest - share your frustration. Tell them that you need just 20 seconds with the target to deliver an important personal message, but you need their help - "You’re my best chance and only hope".

3. Get the target’s direct dial number. This is as good as "gold" because the target WILL answer the phone, sooner or later. Just keep calling and don’t lose the faith.

4. Block Caller ID after leaving one or two messages so that subsequent calls will not be perceived as harassment. *67 is a free calling feature that is automatically available from all phone companies. Simply dial *67 when you have dial tone and then, dial the number as you normally would dial it.

5. Call before and after normal business hours. This is a great time to reach people with responsibility.

Follow-up, Follow-up and Follow-up!

Only too often a terrific lead and a business opportunity will not materialize because of failure to follow-up. This is the #1 reason for failure in the new business development process.  Remember that persistence pays handsomely and that you will have to make numerous calls to get through. Even when the answer is “no”, changes of heart and attitude occur with each new passing week. Let “giving up” be something that your competition does.

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